Cloud Services

Is your data securely stored in the cloud?  If NOT, then you are:
- wasting money on hardware, software and licensing
- overpaying for capital, infrastructure, etc.
- risking the security of your data
- decreasing productivity
- reducing the ability of global and mobile users
- increasing time and cost in training
- hindering overall office accessibility
- impeding scalability


Our cloud computing services offer managed solutions with greater business flexibility, allowing you to take advantage of the latest technological advancements.  UG-Online can provide custom managed cloud solutions that are scalable to meet your specific requirements, now and in the future.  These services are at a fraction of the cost since you will avoid a sizable investment in hardware and software components.  Not only does this minimize your in-house resource expenditures, you also impact the well-being of our environment with your involvement in the Go Green initiative.

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